Cables and splices

Integrated cabling for underwater systems, both stationery and mobile (vehicles)

Cable plugs and penetrators are assembled and fixed to the cables at the time of production which assures high quality and aesthetics. Rubber, watertight splice connectors guarantee light-weight and high resistance to environmental exposure. This has proven by years of practical experience.

Moreover, our splices work efficiently in temperature ranges from -50°C  to +150°C. The splices are tested to 1kV while under a pressure of 25 bar which corresponds to working on the depth of 250 m.

With our versatile technology and production methods, we can customise the electrical connection configuration sockets to the requirements of the end user.

Straight jointAngle joint
Set: socket + plugSet: socket + plug
Made of rubber mixMade of rubber mix
socket casing: SS steel , brass, aluminium or PEEKsocket casing: SS steel , brass, aluminium or PEEK
from 1 to 10 pinsfrom 1 to 10 pins
Standard dimensions [mm]: 16; 20; 25
Standard dimensions [mm]: 25×14; 30×15
Cable lengh: to orderCable lengh: to order
Socket: female or maleSocket: female or male
Plug: female or malePlug: female or male

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