About us

Deep Ocean Discovery

The Deep Ocean Discovery company was founded in November 2012. The company’s main focus from the beginning was engineering, production and distribution of watertight connectors for underwater devices.

Thanks to a close cooperation with the engineers from the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology, from Gdańsk University of Technology, the production of these connectors is being done using the newest technologies with the most reliable standards.  The process is run according to requirements of  the ISO 9001: 2008.

The company’s strategy focuses on the production of four major product groups:

  1. Cable connectors and cable harnesses
  2. Components of the deep sea vehicle systems
  3. Deep-sea vehicles for military and civil purposes
  4. Module Diving Centers produced according to the owned patent

Following to the development plans of the company, the next steps involve the introduction of quality systems facilitate implementation of defence norm AQAP 2110 and ultimately, AQAP 2110 certification.